When you go out, you can’t eat the taste of home. You just make it by yourself. You can buy all the ingredients in the market. It’s easy to make. It’s delicious with meat and pepper!


300g hot pepper
300 grams of pork
Proper amount of cooking oil
1 teaspoon soy sauce
5 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon salt
Appropriate amount of chicken essence


Step 1
Prepare pork (fat and thin, as you like), pepper (you can choose green pepper big, you can also use Hunan pepper thin long), garlic.

Step 2
To drain oil, I use blended oil´╝ł You can choose the type of oil you like.)

Step 3
Fry the fat meat first, then add the lean meat, salt and stir fry.

Step 4
Wait until the edge of the meat is a little brown, then add garlic.

Step 5
Stir fry the garlic and stop.

Step 6
Add in the pepper and continue to stir fry.

Step 7
Let go of the raw and then the old, fresh and colored.

Step 8
It tastes like pepper

Step 9
At this time, the pot began to be a little dry. The cooking fumes came out. Gather the vegetables together and add a little water. Later, the soup and bibimbap are children's favorite.

Step 10
Stir fry until the pepper becomes translucent. Add chicken essence to taste better.

Step 11
Out of the pot, a plate of delicious pepper fried meat is ready. Drooling