Stir fried meat with pepper is the most common home dish. But it’s not easy to cook well. The hot pepper should be well controlled, neither raw nor excessive. Shredded meat is not firewood. The most important thing is to be able to stir fry the soup!


300g pork (front hip tip)
3 peppers
50g ginger
50g garlic


Step 1
Meat can choose five flowers, front tip, loin, according to personal good. Cut the meat into shreds, put cooking wine, soy sauce, black pepper and marinate for 15 minutes.

Step 2
Pepper to choose this kind of pepper, screw pepper, Hangzhou pepper have tried, are not suitable, not easy to juice.

Step 3
Remove the pepper and cut into shreds. Don't cut it too thin, or it's easy to fry. Slice garlic and shred ginger.

Step 4
Heat the shredded pork in the oil pan. Grill to the edge of the pan. Stir fry the pepper, ginger and garlic. Add a little cooking wine, soy sauce, stir fry for one minute, put a little chicken essence, out of the pot.

Step 5
Finish and serve

Step 6
You can see the soup