Fried pork liver for nourishing blood and beauty~


500g pig liver
100ml yellow rice wine
3 cloves garlic
10g ginger
10 g oil
15g raw extract
10g soy sauce
8 g Sugar
50ml raw powder water


Step 1
Cut 500g pig liver into thin slices, slice 3 cloves of garlic and 10g of ginger

Step 2
Put the cut pig liver into a basin, add 100ml yellow rice wine, marinate for 10 minutes, and drain the pig liver

Step 3
Pour 10 grams of oil, garlic slices and ginger slices into the pan, stir fry and pour in pig liver

Step 4
Pour 15g raw soy sauce, 10g old soy sauce and 8g sugar

Step 5
Add 50ml of raw flour water, stir fry and take out of the pot