Pleurotus eryngii is rich in nutrition, rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and other minerals. It has the functions of appetizing and strengthening the spleen, promoting digestion, reducing fat and blood pressure, preventing anemia, enhancing immunity, nourishing beauty and so on.


50g streaky pork
200g Pleurotus eryngii
Half an onion
3 ginger slices
1 green red pepper each


Step 1
Wash and slice Pleurotus eryngii, blanch in a boiling water pot, remove and drain the water, and set aside

Step 2
Wash the streaky pork, cut into thin slices, put it into the pot, fry over low heat until the oil becomes fragrant

Step 3
Pour in cooking wine, soy sauce and ginger slices, stir fry until fragrant and colored

Step 4
Add onion and stir fry well. Add salt and pepper and stir fry well until delicious

Step 5
Add Pleurotus eryngii and stir fry well. Add green and red pepper and stir fry until done. Pour in soy sauce and mix well