In the past, vegetable melon was the cheapest and most often eaten by people. Because it has no sweet taste, it is mostly used for vegetable frying or cold salad. Vegetable frying must put more spicy peppers. It’s the most enjoyable to eat. Sour, refreshing, crisp and super appetizing. You can eat an appetizer for less than 2 yuan. If you have no appetite in summer, you can eat it. Make sure you especially want to eat. If you don’t believe it, try it!


1 vegetable melon
1 red pepper
1 onion
Proper amount of salt
A little vinegar
5 red dried peppers


Step 1
Prepare all ingredients

Step 2
After the melon is cut open, use a spoon to dig out the seeds and melon pulp and scrape them clean

Step 3
Peel and cut into thin slices

Step 4
Cut the pepper and onion well

Step 5
Preheat the pan, add oil and heat it until 7 minutes. Add red dry pepper and cook it in soy sauce. Cook it in soy sauce until fragrant. Stir fry cabbage, melon and red pepper

Step 6
Add a small spoonful of vinegar and stir fry

Step 7
Add a spoonful of salt and chicken essence and stir fry for 1 minute

Step 8
When coming out of the pot, sprinkle some scallion and turn it over, that is, turn off the fire and put it on the plate

Step 9
Enjoy delicious