The moth pea usually grows on the fence at the front and back of the house and at the corner of the wall. A moth pea can be eaten for a long time after it bears fruit. It blossoms and bears fruit one after another. It’s not delicate and it doesn’t attract insects. People in the village love it very much. Occasionally, you can see it in the city’s vegetable market. When you ask, the price is not cheap. It’s 10 yuan per kilogram. You may not be able to buy it if you go late. Moth eyebrow bean is beneficial to Qi, dampness, heat, and has certain anti-cancer effect. It is rich in dietary fiber, can prevent constipation, eyebrow bean contains a lot of dietary fiber, so it is the ideal food for constipation patients. It is suitable for kidney deficiency, diarrhea, frequent urination, male spermatorrhea and female patients; Especially in patients with diabetes and kidney deficiency.


500g green pea
4 garlic cloves
60 g minced meat
Moderate salt
Proper amount of oil
A little pepper
1 tbsp oyster sauce
A little sesame oil


Step 1
Salt and sesame oil should be salted for a moment, and garlic, chili and lentils should be prepared.

Step 2
Flatten the garlic, peel and shred, wash the pepper and shred

Step 3
Tear off old tendons and wash. Drain and shred

Step 4
Pour oil in a hot pan, add garlic and saute until fragrant

Step 5
Pour in the foam and stir until fragrant

Step 6
Pour in the shredded beans and stir fry for a while

Step 7
Stir in oyster sauce, add a little water and stir well

Step 8
Mix in salt

Step 9
Sprinkle shredded pepper, stir well and serve