Chinese people often say, “out of the mud without pollution”. Although we are talking about lotus, what we see in our eyes is the lotus root below. With the Camellia oleifera seed oil produced by Dexi, it is pure, healthy and delicious!


Appropriate amount of Dexi tea oil
Two lotus roots
A little scallion
A small amount of ginger
Two dried peppers
Ten pepper
Three tablespoons of starch
A tablespoon of salt
A green pepper


Step 1
Healthy and drinkable oil: Dexi tea oil.

Step 2
Wash and peel the lotus root,

Step 3
Cut into chopsticks and soak them in water,

Step 4
Wash the green pepper and cut into strips,

Step 5
Drain the lotus root strips and marinate for 10 minutes,

Step 6
Dry the water with kitchen paper,

Step 7
Sprinkle starch and mix well with lotus root strips,

Step 8
Start the pot and pour in the tea oil that can submerge the lotus root strips,

Step 9
Fry twice and remove the oil control for standby,

Step 10
Heat oil in a wok and saute shallots, ginger, pepper and dried pepper,

Step 11
Pour in green pepper strips and stir fry until raw,

Step 12
Pour in lotus root strips and stir fry evenly. "Good ecological tea oil, search de Xi tea oil in Jingdong".