He bought a pork loin and planned to bake rice for his son, but he seemed a little angry. He didn’t dare to bake rice with pork loin for fear of dryness and heat, so he changed to stir fry kidney flowers. The taste is very fresh and tender, and the taste is also very good, but the portion is a little small. It’s good to eat less and taste more. Keep some thoughts and think about making it next time.


1 pork loin
1 / 2 persimmon peppers
1 / 2 red peppers


Step 1
Cut the white fascia inside the pig waist, and cut the wheat ear flower knife with an oblique knife inside

Step 2
Cut into small pieces, boiling water, drip a few drops of Baijiu, put it in pig's waist for 10 seconds, and rinse it up.

Step 3
Slice ginger, green and red pepper respectively; Hot oil pot, saute ginger slices and green and red pepper

Step 4
Pour into the pig's waist, pour in the right amount of Baijiu, stir fry several times.

Step 5
Pour in an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce and put a little salt (because the raw soy sauce is put, there is no need to put more salt, or if the raw soy sauce is put more, there is no need to put salt)

Step 6
Put a little sugar, pour in water starch (raw powder + clear water), stir fry evenly and take out of the pot