June yellow with fresh eyebrows, bearing the expectation of a year, entered the house heavily.


400g crab
50g scallion
30g garlic
80g ginger
150g color pepper
30ml cooking wine
15 ml vegetable oil


Step 1
You can't get the crabs without washing and brushing them. As a reminder, the crabs you buy are basically tied up. You can't clean them anyway. Be sure to remove the rope and wash it carefully with a small brush. It is different from steaming. After all, it should be cooked directly with other ingredients.

Step 2
The rampant general is still very fierce. After you untie the rope, you must pay attention to safety. The position of your fingers is on both sides of the back cover, and it won't be able to return to the sky. Wash it with running water and prepare the flower carving. Without flower carving, cooking wine can top it.

Step 3
This step is slightly cruel. Put your belly up on the chopping board and cut in half with a sharp knife. Don't underestimate the strength and speed of the crab. If you're not careful, you're going to play hide and seek with it all over the house. Don't ask me how I know

Step 4
Cut the crab and marinate it with flower carving for more than ten minutes. It doesn't have to be all over. It's enough to reach half the water level. Then you can prepare other ingredients.

Step 5
Cut the onion into small pieces, slice the ginger, pat the garlic flat, don't cut it. The colored pepper is directly broken into small pieces, which is easy to taste.

Step 6
Heat the pot to cool the oil. When the oil is 50 to 60% hot, put the scallions, garlic and ginger slices into the pot to saute until fragrant. Add the crab meat, give a spoonful of oyster sauce and a spoonful of flower carving. Stir fry evenly, cover the cover and simmer over medium and low heat for one and a half to two minutes. When the lid is opened again, the crab has begun to turn red. At this time, put down the colored pepper, give some raw smoke, stir fry over the fire until the colored pepper is cut off, and then start the pot and put it on the plate.