Auricularia auricula, known by nutritionists as the “meat in the vegetable” and the “king of the vegetable”, is a delicious and nutritious edible fungus. Auricularia auricula not only has nutritional effects, but also has the functions of Supplementing Qi, strengthening the body, nourishing the kidney, nourishing the stomach and promoting blood circulation. It can resist hemagglutination, antithrombotic, reduce blood lipids, reduce blood viscosity, soften blood vessels, smooth blood flow and reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Today’s upload of a small fried fungus, using the black fungus produced in Northeast China, and then put the sliced pork with five flowers. The taste is strong~


50g black fungus
15 slices of streaky pork
1 millet pepper
1 handful of scallion
1 ginger
2 g salt
5 ml vinegar
15ml raw extract
5g sugar
2G chicken powder


Step 1
Soak agaric in cold water and wash

Step 2
Sliced pork

Step 3
Put oil in the frying pan, heat the oil, stir fry ginger, onion, millet and pepper until fragrant

Step 4
Then add streaky pork and fry

Step 5
Stir fry pork until golden brown. Add the soaked agaric to stir fry

Step 6
Add raw soy sauce Sugar and vinegar Stir fry the salt well. Sprinkle chicken powder and green onion before coming out of the pot

Step 7
Plate and eat~