A child with a mother is really a treasure. I want to express some delicious food to me. So do I. I will also express what I eat. When my mother went to the vegetable market, she just saw an old woman selling these. When the old lady had nothing to do in the countryside, they came online. They were very fresh and squeezed out the internal organs when she bought them, Pickled, dried and fried. It’s super delicious. Today is a new way to eat. I think it’s very delicious. It can also serve wine and vegetables


A plate of dried fish
A small bowl of Maodou rice
Half bag of sauerkraut
Six millet peppers
A tablespoon of bean paste
Half a spoonful of sugar
Two green peppers
Proper amount of salt
A spoonful of raw soy sauce
A spoonful of cooking wine
Half a spoonful of steamed fish and soy sauce
Half a spoonful of vinegar


Step 1
Xiaoyugan is dried by sister Xiao at home. It's sold in the vegetable market or big supermarket. Ha ha, I have to say I'm a happy child

Step 2
Soak it for a little while. Don't take too long. Drain it if it's a little soft [mainly because my mother put salt in the pickle, and it can be lighter if you soak it]

Step 3
Peel the peas and remove the coat

Step 4
In fact, it's not easy to stir fry the soya bean rice, so it's best to cook it in advance. It's easy to taste it later. Cook it until it's five or six mature. Drain the water for use

Step 5
Sliced garlic and ginger

Step 6
Cut scallions into small pieces

Step 7
If you like spicy food, you can cut more millet

Step 8
Now let's fry the dried fish. Ha, you'd better choose this pot with a deeper mouth, so as to save oil. Fry it slowly over a low fire

Step 9
Deep fry until golden yellow. If it takes too long, it will taste like paste

Step 10
Put a little oil in the pot, add some pepper grains, and slowly explode over low heat

Step 11
Add garlic, ginger slices and scallions, and slowly saute until fragrant

Step 12
Throw in the millet and dried pepper

Step 13
A tablespoon of secret bean paste continue to stir fry over low heat to produce red oil

Step 14
Throw the boiled soybeans and rice into the drain and stir fry over high fire

Step 15
Half a bag of sauerkraut. It will be super appetizer

Step 16
Half a spoonful of sugar, a little salt

Step 17
Throw in the fried dried fish and stir fry it quickly

Step 18
A tablespoon of cooking wine and a tablespoon of raw soy sauce

Step 19
Half a spoonful of steamed fish drum oil

Step 20
Half a spoonful of balsamic vinegar, stir fry over medium low heat

Step 21
Some green peppers will become too soft, not good-looking or delicious if they are put too early before coming out of the pot

Step 22
It smells delicious. It's a pity that we can't have a drink at noon, otherwise it's great

Step 23
In the past, it was fried directly. I also occasionally saw others doing it. It looked appetizing. I tried to do it. It was really delicious

Step 24
Eat dried fish first, then sauerkraut and soybeans. You can kill many birds with one stone. Try it quickly

Step 25
First make yourself what you want, and then meet someone who doesn't need to please. Friendship, love or life are the same. You have to give yourself a sense of security.