Stir fried diced vegetables


1 celery
2 mushrooms
0.5 cucumber
1 green onion
Appropriate amount of salt
0.5 cup olive oil
1 tbsp onion
0.2 cup Lily
2 tbsp coriander
Proper amount of ginger powder


Step 1
First, boil the coarse cereals with water. Don't cook them rotten. The cooked cereals should be cooled, filtered and put aside; If it's a pity for rice soup, use pure water, so you don't have to pour it out

Step 2
Put walnut sauce and olive oil in wok, heat over medium heat, stir up fragrance

Step 3
Add onion, white mushroom, walnut, stir fry until fragrant, then add dried tomato, stir fry a few times

Step 4
Add celery, radish, lily, jujube, stir fry for half a minute

Step 5
Add coarse cereals, stir fry for about one minute, add diced cucumber, garlic, salt, ginger powder, shallot, and then stir fry for half a minute

Step 6
Turn off the heat, put coriander, cinnamon powder, stir fry a few times with the remaining temperature, and then out of the pot.