Shahe powder is no stranger to every friend in Guangdong. This powder is steamed from rice paste into thin powder skin, and then cut into strips about 1cm wide. It was first famous in Shahe Town, Guangzhou.


100g (slice) beef
250 g mung bean sprouts
900 grams of Shahe powder
Proper amount of straw mushroom
Proper amount of soy sauce


Step 1
First of all, let's review the main materials and remember to prepare a bottle of straw mushroom sauce.

Step 2
Will buy back the rice flour, with hands will stick together the powder apart.

Step 3
Soften the sliced beef with raw oil.

Step 4
Then use soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar and flour seasoning.

Step 5
Fried beef River, the best choice of utensils is pig iron pot, the advantage is fast heat transfer. Here we don't need to worry about sticking pot. If the pig iron pot is used properly, it won't stick.

Step 6
Fry the beef slices over high heat until the two sides are brown.

Step 7
After washing the pot, heat the pot again until it is hot, pour in the washed bean sprouts, stir fry quickly for 10 seconds, and take out. During stir frying, you need to sprinkle a proper amount of yellow rice wine on the edge of the pot, which is to remove the grass smell of bean sprouts.

Step 8
Reheat the wok (remember to be very hot.)

Step 9
Then pour in the oil and material.

Step 10
Use ginger slices to evenly touch the oil in the pot, and then pour in the torn Shahe powder. If the raw iron pot is not sticky, it needs "fierce pot Yin oil", hot oil pot with cold oil.

Step 11
At this time, the skill of stir frying rice noodles needs "shovel with left hand, chopsticks with right hand" to stir fry.

Step 12
During the period, add raw soy sauce and straw mushroom soy sauce (this is very important for hue).

Step 13
If you want to have "pot gas" friends, you can slightly flat powder in the pot, use the fire, in a very short period of time will be burnt noodles incense, and then turn the other side fried.