There is a saying in Jiangxi that people are familiar with: “the grass of Poyang Lake is the treasure of Nanchang people”. This grass is called Artemisia ordosica. Nanchang people love the taste of Li Hao, and Li Hao is very important in their hearts.


Appropriate amount of Artemisia selengensis
A piece of bacon
A carrot
A little salt
Appropriate amount of ginger and garlic
A spoonful of cooking wine
A few old fashioned
Two shallots


Step 1
Take off the old leaves and roots of Artemisia selengensis, wash them and cut them into small sections

Step 2
Cut carrot into shreds, scallion into long pieces, ginger and garlic into small pieces

Step 3
Bacon cut into thin slices, fat and thin bacon is delicious, the best fat more thin less

Step 4
Heat up the oil pan, pour the bacon in and saute it

Step 5
Pour in the materials of Figure 2 and stir fry the fragrance

Step 6
Don't wait for the onion to age after the fragrance, pour the Artemisia ordosica to stir fry, pour cooking wine and soy sauce to color

Step 7
Before the pot according to their own bacon salty, taste the right amount of salt seasoning