Fat but not greasy, fragrant and waxy, delicious, can not be expressed in words,


150g streaky pork
200g yam
1 onion
1 tablespoon sugar
One third teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons edible oil
1 ginger
Several pepper
Several grains of star anise
3 fragrant leaves
1 cinnamon
2 tablespoons cooking wine
2 tablespoons raw soy sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce


Step 1
Sliced pork,

Step 2
Put cold water into the pot and bring to a boil

Step 3
Take it out about 1 minute after boiling and wash one side with warm water

Step 4
Heat the oil in the pot

Step 5
Stir fry the streaky pork

Step 6
Stir fry until the pork is slightly oily. Add onion, ginger, pepper and star anise leaves to stir fry until fragrant

Step 7
Add cooking wine, raw and old

Step 8
Stir fry evenly

Step 9
Pour in two bowls of boiling water

Step 10
Bring to a boil, cover and simmer over medium low heat for about 40 minutes

Step 11
Put sugar and salt in half of the soup

Step 12
Chinese yam peeled and cut into pieces

Step 13
Water control

Step 14
Add sugar and salt, pour in yam or stew slowly

Step 15
Slow stewed yam, soft and rotten, out of the pot

Step 16
Sprinkle some scallions