The heating period in the northeast is coming, but the heating is still not hot and is still under repair. Eat some braised meat on such a cold day to increase the heat. If the meat is greasy alone, add some vermicelli to alleviate the greasiness of the meat, and the vermicelli tastes delicious.


500g pork
150g vermicelli
1 onion
4 slices of ginger
1 tablespoon cooking wine
2 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons raw soy sauce
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
Proper amount of water
1 tablespoon pepper powder
1 piece of large material
2 fragrant leaves


Step 1
Wash the streaky pork and cut it into pieces, cut the scallion into sections, slice the ginger, and prepare 2 slices of seasoning and fragrant leaves

Step 2
Puff the noodles with blisters

Step 3
Blanch pork in a pot

Step 4
Rinse clean

Step 5
Heat the vegetable oil, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and fry the sugar color

Step 6
When the sugar color becomes deep and bubbling, the sugar color is fried. Quickly add the boiled pork and stir fry

Step 7
Stir fried pork

Step 8
Add onion, ginger, cooking wine and pepper powder and continue to stir fry

Step 9
Then add raw soy sauce

Step 10
Add boiling water to the pressure cooker, pour the meat into the pressure cooker, add salt, seasoning and fragrant leaves, cover the pressure cooker, start timing when the pressure cooker blows out, and stew for 15 minutes

Step 11
Add vermicelli and simmer for another 3 minutes

Step 12
The vermicelli is better. Take it out of the pot

Step 13
Stewed vermicelli with braised pork in brown sauce is fragrant but not greasy