The first time I made this northeast dish, I added a little Cantonese elements in it. As a result, I ate a lot more rice. Really delicious! You can try~


100g streaky pork
400g northeast pickled cabbage
1 box of tofu
Appropriate amount of edible oil
Proper amount of salt
2 tbsp abalone juice
A little chicken powder
1 tbsp minced garlic chili sauce
A little pepper powder


Step 1
Sauerkraut unpacked, cleaned and squeezed dry

Step 2
Cut tofu into thick slices

Step 3
Cut the streaky pork into the thinnest pieces as far as possible, put it in a bowl, add a little salt, and marinate it evenly by hand for a while

Step 4
Put a little oil in the pan, heat it, lay the cut tofu neatly, and fry it patiently over medium heat

Step 5
Fry until the rotten skin on both sides is wrinkled, burnt yellow and dotted, and serve

Step 6
Heat the original pot, pour down the streaky pork and fry over medium heat

Step 7
Turn to high heat and fry both sides until brown

Step 8
Pan fry the pork until transparent. Pour down the minced garlic and stir fry for a moment

Step 9
Then pour down the pickled cabbage and stir fry until the water evaporates. Add abalone juice, chicken powder and pepper powder. Pour down a bowl of water and mix well

Step 10
Pour down, fry the tofu slices and push them away with a spatula

Step 11
Cover the pot and keep boiling for 5 minutes

Step 12
Shovel up and start~~