Raw materials: 500g pork ribs, 500g pickled cabbage, 200g streaky pork, 500g frozen tofu, 20g coriander, 5g ginger, 5g salt, 1 tablespoon cooking wine and 5g pepper. Method: 1. Wash pickled cabbage, slice it into several layers, cut it into silk for standby, and take 1 / 2 pickled cabbage silk and put it in a casserole;


500g pork chops
500g pickled cabbage
200g streaky pork
500g frozen tofu


Step 1
Wash sauerkraut, slice it into several thin slices, cut it into silk and set aside. Take 1 / 2 sauerkraut silk and put it in a casserole

Step 2
Blanch the spareribs with boiling water, remove the blood and surface dirt, and code them on the shredded pickled cabbage

Step 3
Then put the remaining 1 / 2 sauerkraut on the ribs and spread the cut frozen tofu

Step 4
Finally, add streaky pork and enough water in the casserole

Step 5
Add ginger slices and boil over high heat. After boiling, add cooking wine and salt; Turn to low heat and continue to cook for 1 hour until the ribs are crisp and rotten

Step 6
Finally, add coriander and pepper to taste