The temperature in Yantai has suddenly picked up in the past two days. It’s hot and irritating. A pot of Cordyceps yam ribs soup can warm the spleen and stomach and be healthy. Cordyceps flower has the effect of anti-inflammatory and sterilization. Cordyceps flower also has the effect of moistening muscles and beauty. In particular, it can quickly eliminate women’s “Butterfly” spots. With versatile yams, family and babies especially like to drink


Section 3 iron core yam
600g spare ribs
Half a carrot
5g insect grass flower
Five scallops
8 Euryale ferox seeds
6 lotus seeds
A little medlar
0.5g chicken essence
Right amount of onion
1 coriander
1 tablespoon cooking wine
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Get all the ingredients ready.

Step 2
Iron core yam peeled and washed, cut into hob blocks with a knife, and carrot washed and cut into hob blocks.

Step 3
Prepare the seasoning for stew. This is my common seasoning. It's very good.

Step 4
Mix all the spices together and soak in water for 15 minutes.

Step 5
After the ribs are washed, pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot and boil. Add a spoonful of cooking wine, scallion and 3 pieces of ginger. Blanch the ribs. Wash the blanched ribs and remove them for standby.

Step 6
Add clean water into the casserole at one time, put the boiled ribs into the casserole, and then put in the soaked seasoning.

Step 7
Add 5g cooking wine at this time.

Step 8
Add 2 more slices of ginger.

Step 9
All the ingredients and spices are put into the casserole.

Step 10
After the fire boils, skim the floating powder with a spoon.

Step 11
Cover the pot and simmer for half an hour.

Step 12
At this time, open the lid of the casserole and add iron yam and carrot.

Step 13
After the fire boils, continue to stew for 15 minutes.

Step 14
Add an appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence to taste according to personal taste.

Step 15
Turn off the fire after the fire boils.