Stewed snow clam with papaya is favored by more and more people, especially female friends, because of its special effects. Papaya: also known as longevity fruit, it is a common tropical fruit in the market, with the title of “king of hundred beneficial fruits”. Compendium of materia medica: “papaya is warm and sour, calms the liver and stomach, relaxes muscles and collaterals, cures low back pain and reduces blood pressure.” There are also various secret prescriptions about the efficacy of papaya among the people, among which the most concerned by women is the efficacy of breast enhancement and skin beauty. Papaya contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids, and is more rich in anti-cancer ingredients. Papaya has the effects of calming the liver and stomach, relaxing muscles and activating collaterals, softening blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-aging beauty. Snow clam (also known as forest frog) is a precious frog species growing in Changbai Mountain forest area in Northeast China. It is called “snow clam” because it hibernates in the snow for more than 100 days in winter. Forest frog oil contains 4 hormones, 9 vitamins, 13 trace elements, 18 amino acids and a variety of ketones, alcohols and polypeptide bioactive factors. It is recorded in the materia medica that snow clam has been listed as one of the four mountain treasures (bear paw, forest frog, flying dragon and monkey head) since the Ming Dynasty


600g papaya
10g snow clam
Proper amount of rock sugar


Step 1
Soak the snow clam. How to make the snow clam? ① soak it for 6 hours at room temperature, and then put it into the refrigerator for 20-24 hours. ② Directly soak at room temperature for about 18 hours.

Step 2
Prepare the cut papaya and remove the seeds

Step 3
Put the soaked snow clam into papaya, and then add rock sugar. Rock sugar can be added appropriately according to personal taste. Less light ones and more sweet ones

Step 4
Then add to the rice cooker and steam for 30 minutes

Step 5
Look at it in 30 minutes. Wow, it smells good. The delicious papaya stewed snow clam is finished. Is it very easy