Stewed shrimps with radish and vermicelli is a very famous domestic dish in Qingdao. The soup is delicious, the radish is soft and rotten, and the vermicelli are smooth. It tastes light and refreshing. The raw materials are simple and cheap. Let’s try it quickly!


500g green radish
20G shrimp skin
80g fans
A little green onion
A little ginger
10g salt
25g vegetable oil
5 drops of sesame oil
1g pepper


Step 1
Prepare green radish, vermicelli and shrimp skin

Step 2
Wash the green radish, peel it and cut it into filaments

Step 3
Soak the vermicelli in warm water and set aside

Step 4
Cut shredded scallion and ginger

Step 5
Heat the wok, add vegetable oil, add green onion and ginger, and explode

Step 6
Add shrimps and stir fry over low heat.

Step 7
Add shredded radish and stir fry over medium heat

Step 8
Stir fry the shredded radish until it is soft, pour it into boiling water, and simmer over medium heat for 2 minutes

Step 9
Season with salt

Step 10
Add pepper to remove the smell and freshen it

Step 11
Add the soaked vermicelli, flatten with a shovel and immerse the vermicelli in the soup

Step 12
Put it into a large bowl and pour sesame oil on it