Xueli stewed with Chuanbei is a kind of medicinal food of Han nationality, belonging to Guangdong cuisine. It is cold in nature and enters the lung meridian. It has the functions of clearing away heat, resolving phlegm and relieving cough.


6 g Chuanbei
1 Sydney
Right amount of rock sugar


Step 1
One pear, 10g Chuanbei powder, 3-4 pieces of rock sugar (according to personal taste)

Step 2
Remove pear peel, taste better, more smooth

Step 3
Use a knife and spoon to remove the pear seeds to form a pear bug

Step 4
Put the prepared scallop powder and rock sugar into the pear and cover them. If you want better effect, seal them with toothpick.

Step 5
Simmer for an hour

Step 6
It makes people salivate...