Casserole rice has always been my favorite. I like casserole rice with all kinds of side dishes. I’ve eaten so much, but I’ve made it more delicious at home. I can master the hardness of my own stewed rice according to my hobbies, and the pot can be made thick slowly over low heat! Delicacy, delicacy and delicious food, 1., my official account of WeChat.


Right amount of rice
1 Cantonese Sausage
350 g rape
500g spareribs
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 Sichuan spicy sausage


Step 1
After washing the rice twice, add appropriate amount of water to cover your fingers. Rice needs to be soaked 1-2 hours in advance. The amount of water added here is the key, too little water, rice is too hard, too much water, rice tastes too soft, not chewy, not enough taste

Step 2
During the rice soaking time, we can make braised spareribs. After steaming the rice, you can pour some soup on the rice and eat it together. The spareribs with brown sauce spareribs with brown sauce will be automatically returned to you in my official account.

Step 3
I use the enamel pot to make the rice. The temperature on the enamel pot induction cooker is 130-800. It's the best choice for you to make casserole rice in a small casserole at home. If you burn the casserole carelessly, it's not painful. It's troublesome to clean the enamel pot.

Step 4
About 2-3 minutes after smelling the smell of rice in the pot, open the lid of the pot, insert four holes in the middle of the pot with chopsticks, pour a little vegetable oil into the holes, and then pour vegetable oil with a small spoon along the edge of the pot. Don't use too much oil. It's too greasy. If you don't add oil, the pot will paste.

Step 5
Slice the sausage for later use

Step 6
Place the ribs and sausage on the rice and steam for 8-10 minutes

Step 7
As shown in the figure, fire to the minimum, between 100-500

Step 8
In the middle of the time can be hot vegetables, boil a pot of boiling water, boiling water to add a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of vegetable oil, will clean rape into boiling water, hot 1 minute later remove the water control. After the rice is cooked, open the lid and put the vegetables on the rice.