Stewed rice with ribs. Baozi rice is a very classic dish in Guangdong Province. The method is to put rice, ribs or sausage vegetables into the casserole to stew the rice. There are both meat and vegetables. The steps of baozi rice I share this time are very detailed. Don’t look cumbersome because there are too many steps and words. Believe me, you can also make delicious baozi rice with your heart.


Spare ribs
300g rice
5g raw powder
25g soy sauce
5g Douchi
5g green pepper
5g red pepper
1 g salt
20G oil


Step 1
Prepare two ribs and wash them clean

Step 2
Cut out the big bones and lean meat of the two ribs, and the rest are two ribs with the same shape and uniform lean meat

Step 3
Chop the spareribs. I like the big meat bigger and the small one smaller. I cut it a little bit bigger, because my family likes big pieces of meat

Step 4
Two ribs cut into 11 small ribs

Step 5
Put them in different containers. You can't throw away the other bones and meat. You can use them to make soup or stir fry meat

Step 6
Put the raw powder into the ribs, stir well, let each piece of ribs be stained with the raw powder

Step 7
Then add soy sauce, salt and lobster sauce, and grasp the spareribs by hand, so that each sparerib is evenly stained with juice. Then marinate for two hours

Step 8
Because two people in the family eat, so prepare two casseroles, all the materials are ready

Step 9
After washing the rice, soak it with water for at least 30 minutes, and the longest time is 1 hour. The rice soaked in this way is very soft

Step 10
Pour out the soaked rice water and add a little oil

Step 11
Stir the oiled rice well

Step 12
Add some oil to the casserole, shake the casserole, and let the oil evenly stick to the casserole wall

Step 13
Let me show you a complete picture. In the following process of making casserole rice, this is not the case. The whole picture shows just one casserole process, because two casseroles cook at the same time, and the process is the same

Step 14
Turn on the gas, put the rice in two casseroles, add water, cover and simmer

Step 15
After a while, you will see bubbles appear in the gap of the lid

Step 16
You can open the lid of the pot, have a look, and then turn to medium heat

Step 17
The rice is getting juicy

Step 18
Along the edge of the casserole, drizzle with oil

Step 19
Then add the marinated spareribs, place them on the rice, cover the pot and simmer for a while

Step 20
Open the lid of the pot to show you. At this time, the ribs are slowly ripening. Once again, pour oil on the edge of the casserole. Then cover the pot and turn the heat down

Step 21
I think the following four steps are very important, because oil is added to the edge of the casserole. In order to heat the casserole evenly and keep the middle and bottom not scorched, we must hold the handle of the casserole by hand, then move the casserole, heat the four corners evenly, and let it stay for a while in each corner

Step 22
Remember not to hold the handle directly in your hand, but to wrap it in cloth and then hold it in your hand

Step 23
Burn it in the left corner

Step 24
The right corner burns for a while, this process all needs to cover the pot

Step 25
Then go back to the middle, open the lid of the pot, sprinkle a little green pepper and red pepper to decorate it, and the spareribs are cooked