The company’s colleagues came to eat at home, but just in time there was no food at home. They said that the last time they saw the pot rice made by cats on the Internet, it was delicious. Otherwise, they could eat pot rice. There was everything in the pot. Although it was simpler, it tasted better than the restaurant outside. The cured meat was rich in fat, Cooked with rice in a small casserole, the oil in the cured meat slowly leaches out and seeps into the rice. Not only the cured meat is delicious, but also the rice is delicious. Because it is cooked in a small casserole, the bottom of the pot has a layer of burnt smell, which reminds the cat’s memory. It’s an absolutely perfect match


100g rice
50g Bacon
1 sausage
1 egg
2 teaspoons oil
0.5 tsp sugar
1 teaspoon is delicious
0.5 TSP oyster sauce
15g green onion
10 g ginger


Step 1
Wash the rice and soak for 10-20 minutes

Step 2
Pour into a casserole and add a little peanut oil

Step 3
Cook over high heat

Step 4
Wash bacon and sausage

Step 5
Cut into pieces and set aside

Step 6
Shredded ginger and scallion

Step 7
Heat the pan, add a little cooking oil, add shredded ginger and fry until fragrant

Step 8
Add the right amount of delicious, sugar, oyster sauce, add a little water properly, cook over low heat until fragrant

Step 9
Pour it into a bowl and make it into sauce. When you eat casserole rice, pour it into rice and mix well

Step 10
The juice in the casserole is nearly dried, but the rice is still raw. Put the sliced bacon and sausage in the casserole

Step 11
Sprinkle with shredded ginger

Step 12
Close the lid and turn the pot slowly over low heat

Step 13
When the cured meat in the casserole is ripe, beat in the eggs

Step 14
Cover, simmer for 5 minutes, put in shredded green onion and serve