I made a casserole with Veronica. I can smell the fragrance of Veronica from afar during the whole cooking process ~ ~ it makes me salivate. In other words, it’s delicious to add some Verbena in the rice! The family loved it so much that they ate it up in a couple of minutes without any food at all.


1 cup of rice
150g vertebral antler
70g pickled mustard
20G vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt
3 shallots
2 tsp soy sauce


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients: rice, vertebral antler, mustard, shallot;

Step 2
After washing the rice, soak it in 1.2 cups of water, a few drops of vegetable oil and a little salt for 30 minutes;

Step 3
Laminectomy (the laminectomy I use is wash free and bubble free, if you use dry laminectomy, you need to bubble hair in advance); Wash and cut the scallions;

Step 4
Heat the frying pan, add proper amount of vegetable oil and cook until 8; Add mustard and stir fry until fragrant;

Step 5
Then add the Cornu Cervi and stir well, add appropriate amount of salt, stir well, turn off the fire;

Step 6
Stir fried vertebral antler, mustard and rice mixture; Add proper amount of soy sauce;

Step 7
Turn on the electric cooker and start the "cook rice" program;

Step 8
At the end of the procedure, sprinkle in the scallion, stir evenly, out of the pot.