First of all, I’d like to thank gourmet hero and Jiuyang for giving me a chance to try this super heavy Jiuyang 4.0 iron kettle rice cooker. It has the appearance of atmosphere, the operation panel on the big one, and the heating principle around the bottom and wall of the pot. It’s easy to operate and makes the rice more fragrant and original! This time, the cooking dish is this delicious mushroom and chicken casserole. The material selection and production are relatively convenient. You can wait for delicious food with one click operation. The non sticky bottom makes cleaning easier and more casual. The Jiuyang 4.0 iron kettle rice cooker is an indispensable good helper in every kitchen


Two chicken legs
Several mushrooms (dried)
Three Shanghai green trees
2 cups of rice
A small section of carrot
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 / 2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 / 2 tbsp cooking wine
1 / 2 tsp salt
1 teaspoon sugar
A little black pepper
A little vegetable oil


Step 1
Soak dried mushrooms in hot water

Step 2
Measure 2 cups of rice with the measuring cup

Step 3
Wash the rice with water

Step 4
Put the washed rice into the inner liner of 4.0 iron kettle rice cooker, and add water at the position of 2 scale marks

Step 5
Wash 2 chicken legs

Step 6
Shanghai qing3 Xiaoke

Step 7
Wash chicken leg, remove bone and cut into small pieces

Step 8
Wash and cut into small pieces

Step 9
Peel and dice carrots; Wash the soaked mushrooms and cut them into small pieces

Step 10
Mix soy sauce, oyster sauce, cooking wine, salt, sugar and black pepper in the accessories

Step 11
Pour the sauce in step 10 into the chop leg of the chop, stir it evenly and pickle it for a moment.

Step 12
Wash the pan, add a little oil and heat it. Pour the marinated chicken leg into the oil pan and stir fry it

Step 13
After the chicken leg turns brown, pour in diced carrots and mushrooms and continue to stir fry

Step 14
Stir fry for about two minutes

Step 15
Pour the fried chicken leg into the iron kettle with washed rice

Step 16
Put in the chopped Shanghai green tea

Step 17
Cover the pot, plug in the power supply, the pot cover panel function indicator light up

Step 18
Select the rice cooker and short grain rice, click "start", the rice cooker will start to run, and "cooking in progress" will be displayed. When the rice cooker makes a "diddiddidi" sound, it means it has been cooked

Step 19
Unplug the power and avoid scalding due to hot gas when opening the lid

Step 20
It's delicious when it's cooked( But I put the vegetables early. I should put them a few minutes before they are ready to cook

Step 21
The cooked casserole rice is well mixed with a spoon. I can smell the fragrance early. Ha ha~~~

Step 22
Turn over the bottom of the pot. It's really delicious. I can't help drooling at the moment, and you can see that the bottom of the pot is not sticky at all... Great.

Step 23
Fill up a bowl and enjoy it ~ (≥ ▽≤) / ~ Lala