Most of the cooking is done by steaming vegetables and rice, thus losing the crisp and delicious taste of vegetables and nutrient loss of vegetables. Try to use the method of stir frying to make this pot rice, stir fry the dishes, use the oil steamed rice and bacon on the wall of the pot, not only have the characteristics of pot rice, but also fully retain the crisp and delicious original flavor of vegetables.


200g rice
50g Jinhua ham
3 g salt
8 ml soy sauce
5g oyster sauce
100g garlic bolt
1 tomato
Two garlic
8g ginger
A section of green onion


Step 1
Soaking rice more than half an hour in advance, water is 1.5 times the volume of rice.

Step 2
Cut garlic bolt into 15mm segments, tomato into 1cm cubes, ginger into shredded ginger, onion and garlic slices, ham slices;

Step 3
Salt content of Jinhua Ham should be considered in cooking process;

Step 4
Heat the enamel pot over high heat, turn to medium low heat, add oil, saute onion and shredded ginger, add garlic sprouts and tomatoes, and fry them until they come out of the pot;

Step 5
Do not wash the oil on the wall of the pot. Pour the soaked rice directly into the pot with waste heat and turn the high heat to low heat (500W) to stew the rice;

Step 6
Three minutes later, put ham and continue to simmer with 500W heat´╝ł This induction cooker has cooking time display)

Step 7
After 10 minutes, pour in the stir fried vegetables, release the soy sauce and oyster sauce;

Step 8
Turn off the fire. Over. Enamel pot wall thickness insulation, ready to eat.