Baozi rice is a bit like firewood stove!


100 fresh rice
1 mushroom
How many slices of ham
1 roast chicken leg
A little coriander
A little vegetable oil


Step 1
I use a pot of fresh rice.

Step 2
One can is about 206 grams, which is the amount of two adults. I'll take half, about 100 grams.

Step 3
Clean with clean water twice and soak in water for more than half an hour. Soak the rice and prepare to cut the ham. Wash mushrooms, coriander and drain. Roast chicken legs are purchased directly from the supermarket.

Step 4
The electric ceramic stove is 1200W. Dip the oil brush into the vegetable oil and brush the inner wall of the pot to ensure that the inner wall is completely brushed.

Step 5
When the pot is hot, pour in the soaked rice and add water to the rice noodles for about 0.5cm. Heat for about 15 minutes.

Step 6
When the water in the boiler is slightly dried, turn the heat down to 400W and gradually turn to 200W. It takes about ten minutes.

Step 7
Cooked rice, spread mushrooms, ham on top of mushrooms, 400W heat for 8 minutes. When the meat is cooked, the oil drops on the mushroom, and the mushroom will absorb and taste delicious.

Step 8
By this time, the ham and mushrooms are cooked.

Step 9
You can turn off the heat and put coriander on it. Used to eat cooked, can be 400W heating.

Step 10
Put on the roast chicken leg and cook the rice successfully. Like to eat Guoba, you can continue to heat 400W for 10 minutes.