My daughter loves to eat boiled rice. Since she changed the hard grain and preferred refined rice at home, she never went out to buy it. She made boiled rice at home. It tastes very good. There are thick burnt yellow Guoba at the bottom of the pot! The operation is simple, with vegetables, meat and eggs, delicious nutrition and special convenience


170g hard grain preferred milled rice
200 ml water
Three or four mushrooms
100g Bacon
Appropriate amount of small green vegetables
1 salted duck egg or egg


Step 1
After cleaning the hard grain refined rice, pour in 100ml water and soak it for about an hour

Step 2
Five flower bacon soaked for about half an hour

Step 3
Slice the soaked bacon and set aside

Step 4
Brush a layer of vegetable oil in the casserole, and then pour the rice with water into the casserole to open the fire. After boiling, turn the rice up and down with a spoon

Step 5
When there is no water in the casserole, turn to the minimum fire immediately, and boil as small as you can. Then spread bacon slices, cover the pot and stew. When stewing, start another pot

Step 6
Add some water, oil and salt into the pot, add mushrooms and blanch water, and then add small green vegetables to blanch for standby

Step 7
Simmer for about 15 minutes, add the mushrooms with boiled water and simmer for about two minutes. The longer the stew, the thicker the pot

Step 8
Put the boiled salted duck eggs and small vegetables. Because my daughter doesn't like eggs and seasoning juice, she puts salted duck eggs. If you like to add seasoning juice, you can first prepare a spoonful of raw soy sauce, half a spoonful of old soy sauce, a spoonful of oil consumption and a little sugar, stir evenly, and pour in the mushrooms.

Step 9
If you want to cook rice delicious, the selection of rice is the most important. I always use hard grain, preferably refined rice. The cooked rice has clear grains and strong taste. Look, dig a spoon down and turn it up. There is a thick pot at the bottom of the casserole. A year's plan lies in spring, and hard grain and refined rice is the key.