I’ve had enough eggs. I changed to eat quail eggs. Today I made my husband beer flavored quail eggs. I had a great time drinking and eating. This marinated egg doesn’t need water. It’s attractive and tastes delicious. It tastes like braised meat. It’s a delicious snack. It’s the best choice for chasing drama and supper


500g quail eggs
3 fragrant leaves
10g Pixian bean paste
1g chicken essence
6G oyster sauce
3 dried peppers
10g rock sugar
10g raw soy sauce
5 grams of soy sauce
500g beer
1g salt
1g pepper
2-lobed octagonal
A grass bandit
1 cinnamon


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients of marinated eggs.

Step 2
Soak the quail eggs in water for 10 minutes, then rinse them, pour an appropriate amount of water into the VCC air cushion pot, and put the quail eggs into it.

Step 3
Cover the pot and boil over medium heat. Continue to cook for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and simmer for 2 minutes.

Step 4
Soak the cooked quail eggs in cold water and peel them after cooling. It is easier to remove the shells of quail eggs soaked in cold water.

Step 5
Use a knife to draw three knives on the surface of quail eggs, so that it is easier to taste when cooking.

Step 6
After the pot of VCC in Korea is heated, when the oil temperature is 60% hot, add rock sugar, ginger slices and scallion to explode until fragrant, and then add star anise, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, grass bandit, pepper and dry pepper to fry slowly over a low heat.

Step 7
At this time, add Pixian bean paste and stir fry red oil.

Step 8
First add raw and old soy sauce, season and color with oyster sauce, and continue to stir fry evenly.

Step 9
Add the shelled quail eggs, mix all the ingredients and seasonings, and stir fry evenly.

Step 10
At this time, add salt for seasoning. Those with light taste can be ignored.

Step 11
Add chicken essence to increase the taste.

Step 12
Pour beer into the pot. The amount of beer should be less than that of quail eggs. Quail eggs boiled with beer instead of water taste better and taste purer and thicker.

Step 13
After boiling over medium heat, continue to simmer over low heat until.

Step 14
When the soup in the pot becomes thicker and thicker. Marinated quail eggs taste better in the soup.

Step 15
Sprinkle with scallions and turn off the fire. Marinated quail eggs are more delicious after soaking in the soup for half an hour.

Step 16
Put the marinated quail eggs on a plate and you can enjoy them.