Potatoes are a treasure,


800g streaky pork with skin
650g potatoes
100g yellow rice wine
15g fresh ginger
20G scallion
25g soy sauce
35g fresh soy sauce
5 dried red peppers
2G pepper
1 large material
24g rock sugar
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Wash the streaky pork first

Step 2
Cut into 2.5cm cubes

Step 3
Open the pot and cook for about 3 minutes

Step 4
Remove and place in container

Step 5
Peel potatoes

Step 6
Cut into hob pieces

Step 7
Prepare the required materials

Step 8
Mix the fresh soy sauce and soy sauce in a container

Step 9
Heat the wok, drain the oil, and put the rock sugar into the wok

Step 10
Stir fry over low heat until the sugar melts, turns yellow and bubbles

Step 11
Quickly put the boiled meat into the frying pan and stir fry it quickly to avoid pasting the pot

Step 12
Add seasoned soy sauce and soy sauce, stir fry and color

Step 13
Then add old rice wine

Step 14
Add onion, ginger, dried red pepper seasoning

Step 15
Add enough water, cover and simmer over low heat after boiling

Step 16
The time is about 40 minutes. The cover shall be opened to check the water volume. If it is insufficient, boiled water can be added.

Step 17
When the meat is 8 ripe, put in the cut potato pieces and stir them evenly, just like an appropriate amount of salt. In order to avoid insufficient water in the dry pot, add hot water

Step 18
Use a shovel to prick the potato pieces and break them easily, which means that the dish is coming to an end

Step 19
Put on the chopped garlic and stir it. You can turn off the fire and get out of the pot