With mushrooms, it’s a different kind of double cooked meat. It’s spicy, smooth and tender. It’s a first-class meal.


100g pork
50g garlic
5 mushrooms
1 section of scallion
2 g ginger
20 ml salad oil
Moderate salt
2 tbsp mushroom sauce


Step 1

Step 2
Put water in the pot, add the pork and cook until it's raw. Cut into slices and set aside. Slice onion and ginger.

Step 3
Cut mushrooms into thick slices.

Step 4
Add oil to the frying pan, stir fry the pork with onion and ginger until the pork is bright and oily. Add two spoonfuls of spicy mushroom sauce.

Step 5
Continue to stir well, it will be very fragrant by this time.

Step 6
Add mushrooms.

Step 7
Continue to fry until mushrooms are soft.

Step 8
Add the garlic.

Step 9
Stir well and add salt to taste.