Minced pork with green peppers is a Sichuan dish. The taste of this kind of green peppers is slightly spicy, and it is basically empty after the pedicel is removed. Therefore, a green pepper is almost stuffed with 100 grams of minced meat. After frying, it is cooked thoroughly with low heat, and then the juice is collected with high heat. The taste is unique and delicious.


200g green pepper
200g minced meat
20G oil
10g cooking wine
2 g salt
15g egg white
15g fresh soy sauce
2G chicken powder
30g soy sauce
7g sugar


Step 1
Remove the green pepper pedicels, wash the seeds, add salt, egg white, fresh soy sauce and cooking wine into the pork, and stir clockwise until sticky

Step 2
Put minced pork into green pepper

Step 3
Mix 30g soy sauce with 7g sugar

Step 4
Pour oil into the pot

Step 5
Add the green pepper in warm oil and fry until the skin is discolored and wrinkled

Step 6
Pour in the soy sauce, add boiling water, cover and turn to low heat for about 20 minutes

Step 7
Then open the lid and turn to high heat to get the thick juice. Add 2 grams of chicken powder and turn off the heat

Step 8
sit at the table