Stewed bitter gourd meat, spicy appetizer.


2 balsam pear
50g chives
400g pork
2 g salt
1 tsp chili powder
10 g vegetable oil
2 grams of thirteen spices
2 gram raw smoke
50g starch


Step 1
Balsam pear, pork, chives

Step 2
Chop the meat into mud, cut the balsam pear into rings, and chop the chives

Step 3
Remove the seeds of bitter gourd, add onion, salt, flour, soy sauce and thirteen spices to the meat paste and mix well

Step 4
The mashed meat is brewed into balsam pear

Step 5
One by one, all brewed

Step 6
Put it into a non stick pan and fry it

Step 7
Cover and simmer

Step 8
Turn over and fry on both sides

Step 9
Sprinkle with chili powder

Step 10
Drizzle some soy sauce

Step 11
Out of the pot