Stewed pork ribs with wax gourd


400g wax gourd
200g pork chop
Appropriate amount of salt
Appropriate amount of green onion
Moderate amount of ginger
Moderate amount of blended oil


Step 1
Sliced wax gourd

Step 2
Slice, don't slice too thin

Step 3
Chopped green onion and ginger

Step 4
Add onion and ginger after hot oil

Step 5
Pour in the sliced wax gourd

Step 6
Pour in the cooked spareribs soup

Step 7
Start stewing wax gourd

Step 8
Cooked ribs in advance

Step 9
When the wax gourd is almost ripe, pour in the spareribs

Step 10
Let's simmer for a while

Step 11
Loading plate