Before I made yak meat sandwich, some people said it was difficult to get yak meat, not to mention the natural dried yak meat with its own flavor in Tibetan families. Well, this one is very serious about making rougamo, which is similar to the Xi’an rougamo I have eaten, and tastes better, because I put chili pepper in it. If you like Sichuan cuisine and coriander, you will like it, This should be the combination of Shaanxi and Hunan flavor ~ don’t look drooling, do it together~


500g flour
500g marinated meat
200g coriander
50g natto sauce
Moderate salt
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
The right amount is delicious
Proper amount of soy sauce
Appropriate amount of thirteen spices


Step 1
Marinated meat material I choose the pork, fat and thin taste is good. Marinated meat with the main anise, cinnamon, fennel, etc., about 2 hours to cook. If you want to taste better like me, you can go to the marinade shop and ask the boss to cook it by the way. Because the more you cook the bittern, the more fragrant it is. It's much better than boiling water with your own new materials. Two and a half hours later, the meat was soft and rotten, and the bittern flavor was strong. Wash and chop coriander. Natto sauce is homemade. It's delicious. It's filled with pepper, garlic and ginger. If not, you can prepare garlic, ginger and pepper according to your taste.

Step 2
During the two hours of waiting for marinated meat, let's make noodles. The procedure is the same as making steamed bread. After fermentation, exhaust and knead to get a smooth dough.

Step 3
Take half of the dough and cover the other half with plastic wrap to keep it from drying. This half is rubbed into long strips and divided into equal dosage forms. Take one of the preparations and continue to rub it into long strips with uniform shape.

Step 4
Flatten with a rolling pin to get a dough strip.

Step 5
Fold the dough in half

Step 6
Roll it up and stick the last piece at the back

Step 7
After finishing, place it flat and put a little oil on each small roll. Follow these steps for the rest of the dough.

Step 8
So it's all rolled up.

Step 9
Take a small roll, flatten it with the palm of your hand, and flatten it with a rolling pin.

Step 10
Put the dough in the pan, do not put oil. Use a small fire. Turn both sides. Excuse me. It's slightly burnt and bulging in the middle. This kind of cake is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside~

Step 11
Compared with the rougamo sold on the street, we should pay more attention to our own food and stir fry the stuffing. Chop the marinated meat into a pot, add coriander, natto sauce and various seasonings, stir fry slightly.

Step 12
After baking, cut the cake from the middle with a knife. Be careful not to cut it completely. Put the stuffing in. The delicious stewed meat, coriander and rougamo are ready~