Early winter in the south, sooner or later has a slight chill, skin is also slightly dry. Cantonese like to drink soup, the soup at home is ready. Soup, as long as there is time, I still like to use casserole, like the kind of taste of slow fine stew.


Two pigeons
(Huoshan) 5g Dendrobium
5g ginseng
3 g salt
2500 ml water


Step 1
Please clean the pigeon and chop it into pieces

Step 2
Wash, bring to a boil in cold water

Step 3
Take out the pigeon meat and set it aside

Step 4
Get the ginseng ready

Step 5
Prepare huohu (Dendrobium huoshanense)

Step 6
Boil the pigeon meat, washed ginseng and Dendrobium huoshanense in casserole. Bring to a boil again over high heat and turn to low heat for more than 2 hours

Step 7
Add salt to taste