In winter, our northeast specialty!


400g spare ribs
250g streaky pork
300g northeast pickled cabbage
20ml cooking wine
2 octagons
2 fragrant leaves
10g scallion
2 ginger
Proper amount of refined salt


Step 1
Wash ribs

Step 2
Wash streaky pork

Step 3
Sauerkraut 300g

Step 4
The spices are ready

Step 5
Blanch the meat in cold water

Step 6

Step 7
Cook ribs and streaky pork for 7 minutes and stew with pickled vegetables

Step 8
Let the streaky pork cool

Step 9
Sliced pork

Step 10
Stew in casserole for 30 minutes

Step 11
The steaming ribs stewed with pickled cabbage is good. Let's eat it