Chicken stewed mushroom is one of the four stews in Northeast China, which occupies an absolute position in Northeast cuisine! The simple dish name shows a delicious match. Chicken and mushroom are a natural couple. They are like thunder. They all salivate! There are countless kinds of mushrooms. One of the protagonists of chicken stewing mushrooms, the most authentic mushroom is hazelnut mushroom, because it is a typical northeast food, but it is not available at home. Tea tree mushroom and small North mushroom are used to stew chicken. Of course, if you want to make and northeast flavor, mushroom is recommended to choose game Shanzhen as much as possible, hazelnut mushroom is the best, so as to ensure the original flavor!


600g chicken
50g dried mushroom
50g tea tree mushroom
10g ginger
3 octagons
6 dried peppers
1 pinch of pepper
1 small scallion
30ml soy sauce
50ml yellow rice wine
20G white granulated sugar
5g salt
30g vegetable oil
1 chive


Step 1
Prepare materials, mushroom, tea tree mushroom, dried pepper, star anise and pepper, cut ginger slices and set aside

Step 2
Soak the tea tree mushroom and dried mushroom in warm water, soak the mushrooms after hair, filter out the dust, and leave the water soaked in the mushrooms

Step 3
Wash the chicken, chop and drain

Step 4
Put vegetable oil and white granulated sugar into the wok and cook the granulated sugar to amber over low heat

Step 5
Put the chicken nuggets into the frying pan, saute until fragrant, and fry the chicken nuggets until golden yellow

Step 6
Add ginger slices, dried pepper, star anise and pepper and stir fry for a while

Step 7
Add soy sauce and stir well

Step 8
Add the water with mushrooms and stir well

Step 9
Add soaked tea tree mushroom and dried mushroom, stir fry and bring to a boil

Step 10
Pour all ingredients into a casserole and simmer over medium low heat for 30 minutes

Step 11
Before turning off the fire, add a little salt according to the taste, and sprinkle some shallots when serving