Stewed mushroom with chicken, a famous dish in Northeast China, should have been made with dried mushroom and zhenmushroom. Because I don’t have these two ingredients on hand, I used mushroom and fresh mushroom instead, and the taste was good.


600g chicken
50g fresh mushrooms
50g mushroom
10 g ginger
30g vegetable oil
4 garlic
Three star anise
6 dried peppers
1 pinch of Chinese prickly ash
1 segment of green onion
30 ml soy sauce
50ml yellow rice wine
20G white granulated sugar
5g salt


Step 1
The appearance of the finished product

Step 2
Material preparation

Step 3
A chicken, cut into pieces, with cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, marinate for half an hour.

Step 4
Mushroom, fresh mushroom

Step 5
Onion, ginger, garlic, star anise, pepper, pepper

Step 6
Fried materials, fried sugar.

Step 7
Add the chicken and stir fry to change color.

Step 8
Add mushrooms and stir fry.

Step 9
Add some rice wine (no rice)

Step 10
Add boiling water, mushrooms and chicken. Add salt and soy sauce.

Step 11
After boiling, simmer for 25 minutes. I couldn't help putting in some potato chips.

Step 12
Out of the pot