Yangzhou lion head has a long history and has a high reputation for thousands of years. It is said that it was listed as one of the four famous dishes in Yangzhou as early as the Sui Dynasty. Up to now, Yangzhou lion head has developed on the basis of tradition. It not only maintains the traditional cooking methods, but also conforms to the seasons. The materials vary with the seasons. It can be cooked with mussels in spring and stewed with hens in winter. In late autumn and early winter, crab meat lion head is the most popular among diners.


600g streaky pork
2 hairy crabs
4-piece Chinese Cabbage
1 pig skin
5 rape (small)


Step 1
The streaky pork is divided into fat and thin, cut into filaments, and then cut into pomegranate rice grains

Step 2
First chop the fat meat a few times, then add the lean meat together, and then chop it a little for a while, that is, the so-called fine chop and coarse chop

Step 3
Steamed hairy crab

Step 4
Remove the crab meat, crab paste and crab roe, and chop the crab meat and crab paste for use

Step 5
Cut the scallion and ginger into sections, put them into water, pinch them with your hands for a few times, and then place them for half an hour to make scallion and ginger water. Pour the scallion and ginger water into the minced meat for several times, then add salt and pepper to stir vigorously, and mix in the crab meat and crushed crab paste

Step 6
Dip some water starch on your hands, take a part of the meat in your palm, swing it back and forth with both hands to form meat balls, spread pork skin on the bottom of the stew pot, and there is no cabbage leaf to spread. Put the meat balls on it, and put a piece of crab roe on the meat balls

Step 7
Pour soup or water along the edge of the pot, and cover the meat balls with cabbage leaves to prevent discoloration

Step 8
Boil over medium heat and simmer over low heat for more than 2 hours. You can also steam, remove cabbage leaves and meat skin, add an appropriate amount of salt into the soup, and finally add boiled rape