In fact, on such a cold day, after learning this soup, I would rather stay at home and watch the soup pot than go out looking for food. Buy some Wenchuan snow beans, with an excellent front hoof, this winter, stay at home to drink good soup, what more nourishing things than this.


1 pig's hoof
120 g white kidney beans
1 piece of scallion
2 pieces of ginger
3 G pepper
1 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp bean paste
3 tbsp yellow rice wine


Step 1
Wash the snow beans and soak them in cold water one night in advance. The next day they will swell. Clean the pig's feet carefully. If there is any hair left, you can burn it on the fire and scrape it off. Then cut it in half (chopped into four sections)

Step 2
Put the pig's feet in a pot with cold water, boil them over high heat, skim the foam and roll for a few minutes. Remove and wash the surface with warm water

Step 3
Pig's trotters pig's trotters and pig's trotters are scattered together into the casserole, and they are afraid of the smell of pig's feet. They can't clean the pig's feet before they can use the baijiu.

Step 4
Add yellow rice wine and plenty of water

Step 5
The fire boiled

Step 6
If there is floating foam, beat it off in time, turn to low heat and simmer for 2-2.5 hours

Step 7
Add appropriate amount of salt to taste, stir the pig's feet gently to prevent sticking and scorching, and then continue to simmer for half an hour. Sprinkle some scallion and coriander to improve the taste

Step 8
When stewing hoof flower, you can also use home-made Douban, sesame oil and scallion with a dip dish. You can also add Zanthoxylum noodles when you like hemp. Home made Douban dip dish is a good partner for hoof flower. In addition, you can also use chopped raw pepper and soy sauce to make it taste by yourself