After freezing, the internal structure of fresh tofu has changed. Its shape is honeycomb and its color turns gray, but there is less damage to protein, vitamins and minerals. Tofu can produce an acid substance after freezing, which can destroy the fat of human body. If you can eat frozen tofu often, it is conducive to fat excretion and reduce the fat accumulated in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Frozen tofu has the characteristics of many pores, rich nutrition and less heat.


500g cabbage
500g frozen tofu
1 tablespoon oil
10g salt
2 tablespoons raw soy sauce
Right amount of onion


Step 1
Main and auxiliary ingredients: cabbage, frozen tofu (thawed), green onion

Step 2
Break the cabbage into pieces, wash and drain

Step 3
Heat the oil in a pot and saute the scallions

Step 4
Add cabbage and stir fry until the seedlings collapse

Step 5
Cook in raw soy sauce and stir fry evenly

Step 6
Add an appropriate amount of clean water

Step 7
After boiling, add frozen tofu

Step 8
Simmer over low heat for about 8 minutes and season with salt

Step 9
Simmer for another 2 minutes and turn off the fire. Out of the pot and on the plate