Stewed fish is a home-made soup with carp or crucian carp as the main ingredients. It is not only easy, but also fuel-efficient and has the effect of prolonging life. If you want to make the soup more nutritious, you can add a few mushrooms and a few red dates when stewing fish. After eating fish, fish soup can also be drunk or used to cook noodles.


1 carp
3 G ginger
5g scallion
5 ml edible oil
1 coriander
5g white vinegar
1 litre of water
5g cooking wine
2G pepper powder
2 g salt


Step 1
Ginger slices

Step 2
Cut scallions into segments

Step 3
Carp two side oblique knife

Step 4
Heat the oil in the pot, add onion, ginger and coriander, and saute until fragrant

Step 5
Put the fish into the pot, add white vinegar, water, cooking wine, pepper and salt, bring to a boil over high heat, turn low heat until the fish is cooked