Usually occasionally eat spicy duck neck, but because you can’t eat spicy, it makes you want to cry every time you eat, but what if you want to eat duck? There is a dry pot duck in Shiguang society. One duck can be fried and rinsed. It can be made into a dry pot flavor. It can also be cooked in a hot pot. The duck is boneless and delicious. It tastes special. It’s delicious in any way, and its own taste is not spicy. I can add a little chili oil appropriately. This dry pot duck is really delicious for my wife, coupled with a bowl of rice, It’s a hundred times better than the dry pot outside!


250g pickled duck
100g lotus root
60g carrot
60g cucumber
50g dry pot sauce
3 G scallion
1g star anise
5g garlic
2 g ginger
4 g Shenghua
6G oyster sauce
2G chili oil


Step 1
Take the pickled duck out of the bag. This time only use the dry pot fragrant sauce.

Step 2
Cut lotus root into strips, carrot and cucumber into strips.

Step 3
Pour oil into the pot and stir fry star anise, onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant.

Step 4
Pour in the dry pot of fragrant sauce.

Step 5
Add lotus root.

Step 6
Add carrots and cucumbers, cover the pot and simmer for a few minutes.

Step 7
When the dishes are cooked, pour in half a bag of pickled duck.

Step 8
Add soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Step 9
Finally, pour chili oil out of the pot.