In the process of stewing fish, if you add some streaky pork, it will taste better! The reason why you choose streaky pork is because you want to get the fat out of streaky pork. The fish stewed with mixed oil will be more fragrant! Streaky pork should be treated in advance, that is, it should be boiled in water for a while, so that the fishy smell of streaky pork is reduced a lot, and it tastes very good when fried. After this treatment, streaky pork becomes not greasy. It can be said to be first-class in taste and taste!


1 crucian carp
50g streaky pork
10g coriander
30g garlic
20G ginger
20G carrot
A little pepper
A small amount of star anise
5ml flower carving wine
10ml blended oil
10ml balsamic vinegar
10g sugar
30ml light soy sauce
A small amount of salt


Step 1
Clean the fresh crucian carp, boil the streaky pork in water for a while, then take it out, and prepare carrots, coriander, ginger, garlic, pepper and star anise together;

Step 2
Use a knife to cut three knives on both sides of the fish body to the fish bone. Cut the streaky pork into thick pieces, shred the carrot, flatten the garlic, slice the ginger and cut the coriander into sections;

Step 3
Put an appropriate amount of mixed oil into the wok, and put pepper and star anise into the wok;

Step 4
Put the sliced pork into the pot and stir fry;

Step 5
Stir fry the fat in the meat so that it doesn't taste greasy;

Step 6
Put crucian carp into the pot;

Step 7
Shake the wok and stir fry the crucian carp;

Step 8
Fry crucian carp for a while until the skin turns golden yellow. Add two tablespoons of sugar;

Step 9
Add a small amount of flower carving wine, which can remove the earthy smell of crucian carp;

Step 10
Add an appropriate amount of balsamic vinegar;

Step 11
Add more than half a spoonful of light soy sauce;

Step 12
Add a small amount of salt according to your taste;

Step 13
Then add an appropriate amount of water;

Step 14
Stew for a while, thicken the soup, and then add coriander and carrot;