The dish that Haitang introduced to you today is a particularly delicious stew. After stewing a large plate, there was no soup left. The family said it was delicious. This favorite dish for the family is eggplant, clam and clam stewed corn.


250g eggplant
500g clams
1 Sweet Corn
50g carrot
30g garlic
20G scallion
10ml blended oil
10ml oyster sauce
A small amount of salt
20G coriander


Step 1
Clean the required ingredients;

Step 2
Put an appropriate amount of water into the pot. After the water boils, put the clams into the pot and cook for a while. Don't take too long;

Step 3
After cooking, peel out the clam meat, then rinse it repeatedly with water for several times, wash the sediment, cut eggplant into hob pieces, cut sweet corn into sections, cut carrots into small pieces, and cut green onions and garlic for standby;

Step 4
Put an appropriate amount of mixed oil into the frying pan. After the oil is hot, add onion and garlic and stir fry until fragrant;

Step 5
Put the carrot pieces into the pot;

Step 6
Put the eggplant pieces into the pot and stir fry for a while;

Step 7
Put the sweet corn cubes into the pot;

Step 8
Put the washed clam meat into the pot;

Step 9
Add an appropriate amount of oyster sauce and a small amount of salt according to your taste;

Step 10
Add an appropriate amount of cold boiled water;

Step 11
Stew for a while until the eggplant is soft and rotten;

Step 12
After stewing, add a small amount of coriander;