In fact, this dish is not difficult, but it takes a long time to clean the pig belly


1 pork tripe
1 chicken
50g Nostoc flagelliforme
20G white pepper
Proper amount of ginger


Step 1
The pig belly has more mucus. It's best to scald it in a hot pot, wash it with fine salt and starch, and finally marinate it with white vinegar to remove the taste; The chicken is washed with hot water and then with clean water.

Step 2
Slowly stuff the washed chicken into the pig's belly, crush the white pepper and smear it evenly on the inside of the pig's belly; After soaking hair with Nostoc flagelliforme, put it in the stomach of the chicken and put shredded ginger;

Step 3
Sew all the opening of pork stomach with needle and thread, and tighten the needle as much as possible, so as to prevent the chicken juice essence from pork stomach.

Step 4
Prepare a large casserole, add water to boil, add ginger and crushed white pepper; When you smell white pepper, put the chicken wrapped in pig belly into the pot slowly; Stew slowly over a low heat and turn over the pig belly from time to time to avoid sticking to the outer wall of the pig belly and the bottom of the pot.

Step 5
Stew slowly over low heat for two hours, then turn off the fire and wait for three hours. The casserole has good heat preservation ability, which can make the pig belly and chicken soften slowly. When you want to eat, cook over medium heat and stew slowly for one hour.

Step 6
Slowly cut along the pig's belly with a knife. Just pull the suture. Use a plate to take out the chicken juice from the pig's belly for standby.

Step 7
The chicken can be directly unloaded, boned and eaten directly with some chicken juice. The pig belly can be cut and boiled in the soup, and then the pig belly can be eaten in the soup.

Step 8
Steamed chicken with pork tripe