The Northeast hometown dish chicken stewed mushroom is made of dried mushrooms and square noodles produced in Northeast China, but the materials are limited, so it is completed with wide powder chicken breast and mushrooms, and the taste is also good.


10 mushrooms
300g chicken breast
200g wide powder
2 g salt
20G raw soy sauce
20G cooking wine
5g sugar
5g vinegar


Step 1
Cut chicken into pieces, use salt, sweet and sour wine raw soy sauce, add a little starch, and simmer for 5 minutes. Cut mushrooms into pieces, and soak the wide powder in cold water. Then put the chicken into the pot and fry it to change color

Step 2
Add mushrooms and stir fry. Add soup and a little salt to stew

Step 3
Stew for about 10 minutes, add wide powder and continue to stew. When the soup is left for one-third, take it out of the pot